Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ – Episode 6 – Clumsiest Fox Girl Maid in the World

She is gorgeous...

Clumsy fox girls are really cute…

Best Xiao-Mei expression ever...

After witnessing the tsundere Ice Witch, Melty who searched high and low for the best ice cream ever, we are thrown back into the conflict with the confiscated booty. Clearly, Xiao-Mei dissatisfaction with the result led to the obvious. She sneaks into the castle to take back the booty. Yeah, I wondered why nobody noticed this except for Rick, who fought against her and noticed some similarities to the black tail thief. Not only that, she acted rather suspicious when she looked at the church and her reaction to the news she receives from Neris. Clearly, she still wants revenge and I understand that even if it’s wrong.

She is too clumsy for life.

Aside from that, the maid fox girl named Rouna finally appears and she has a really cute appearance. She is good at cooking, but clumsy as hell. It makes me wonder why they would let her become a maid since they are supposed to clean, not make a mess of the place. Also, what the royal family smoked when they hired her? Even so, she looked rather amazing, especially when she used her weapons while pursuing the thief.

She is bad-ass too!

Although the sight of bread is rather suspicious according to the royal guards, I’m glad that Rick finally takes out the sword while Neris uses her bow. However, It bothers me that the other sisters, Amil and Airy get left out of the action while Neris steals most of the screen time from them. Just allow them to join in the fight so they get a fair chance! Aside from that, I still enjoy Tony’s character designs since they look adorable, although I wish Kaguya would recover faster so we can get to the more exciting stuff. 

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