Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 6 – Seeing Doubles

Having two Natsumi's sleeping in one bed = a very bad idea...

Having two copies of oneself can never become this amusing.

Natsumi having an upcoming tennis match and an exam must be difficult. Believe it or not, I have finished all my exams and papers in the past few days, so I’m free like a bird. Even so, would you wish to have two copies of another person to ease the load? Yuka apparently thinks so and it results in this…

No wonder Saki stopped being friends initially... she keeps fighting!

This wish is just as hilarious like the body swap, except that there are two Natsumis. Somehow, they keep fighting with each other. No wonder why she argued with Saki back in the first episode.

While it eased the load, it caused problems in the end as her other-self continued to mess up in the actual tennis match by hitting the ball too hard. From this, it’s counter productive since both of them can’t share the same knowledge. What a shame, but at least she became one and managed to score some points.

It's all her fault!

On the other front, I found it funny that Rinko gets left out from the chaos caused by the other girls. The only exception is Saki’s and Natsumi’s revenge wish with her getting stuck with Yuka. Perhaps she is not as noticeable compared to the others that nobody bothered to do anything silly to her. Then again, she is Yuka’s best friend, so she won’t wish anything bad upon her.  Then again, Yuka has better things to do as convincing the girls to do the idol thing, which is not going anywhere. Hopefully, something will come out of it even though the other girls seem uninterested.