Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview and Future Plans

Everyone loves Marika...

This season just zoomed by us despite winter never arriving. Now, the next plan of action is the Spring Anime for this year. Like always, I have a selection of shows I’m to watch.

In addition, I will reveal some future plans on my blog and summer plans. (Image Source)

Spring Preview

The purpose of this preview is to share my expectations on the shows I will watch in the upcoming season in addition to Mouretsu Pirates. If you want a more in-depth preview, check out Honya’s or just browse the Aniblogosphere for other people’s impressions.

 Shows I will Watch

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Fate Zero[/melative_lime_meta]

Self-explanatory and will most likely start where they left off with the battle between Saber and Caster.  I predict that the second part will get a bit more interesting as everything in the first part was already laid out.

Oh yes, more Weaver and Rider please!


There is no surprise that I watch anything that Kyoto Animation release.  Although Nichijou entertained me, it had a few issues. Then again, this might turn out differently since this is an adaptation of a mystery light novel. With that, I’m interested.


[melative_lime_meta]anime/Shining Hearts[/melative_lime_meta]

Although I never played the game, I find adaptations of Japanese RPGs very interesting from my experiences when I watched the first thirteen episodes of Tears to Tiara. On the other hand, I have listened to the opening for the game that Lia sung last year and of course I liked it. So, I suppose I shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

I’m doing it for the LOLz


From my initial impressions, I don’t this show will be good at all since it will most likely appeal only to the fans of AKB48, a popular idol group which I have no interest in. Even so, I got a feeling that this show will become a horrible mix, which takes what made Macross Frontier great and then combine it with the terribleness of Xenoglossia. Then again, it might become watchable because Mari Okada will do the writing for this show.

Here is the posting schedule on when I expect to make the posts for the above series. They are subject to change depending on sub availability and airing times.

Future Plans

Aside from the Aniblog Tourney that starts next month, I don’t plan on having too many interruptions once Spring Semester ends and that I highly doubt I will get an internship at this rate. However, I will possibly go away on vacation during August to Boston. Therefore, there might be a little interruption, but never a hiatus.

Secondly, I’m planning an early move off the current host to a virtual private server during the summer. I found a cheap and reliable one, so I don’t have to deal with constant downtime and unresponsive customer service. Since I have to manage it on my own, I must prepare for it so the transition goes smoothly. When I’m ready to move, I will temporarily disable comments until it’s complete and then enable them. Before this happens, I will notify everyone when the time comes. 

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  1. meganekon says:

    Hyouka seems to be one of the highly-anticipated series in the upcoming season…

    Offtopic: I just noticed your Mouretsu Pirates image here. I read somewhere that the director eliminated all romance aspects in the script to explore the friendships. It came to me as a thought if Mouretsu Pirates would end up as a harem if Marika were male XD

    • chikorita157 says:

      Yeah, although I haven’t read the light novels, but considering that Kyoto Animation never adapted a mystery story, it makes me wonder how it turns out compared to the others since the recent ones that aired last year were kind of disappointing on this aspect, although I did enjoy Gosick.

      The other shows didn’t catch my attention in particular or a sequel I haven’t watched. So yeah, I’m pretty much set with a total of 5 shows to blog.

      • meganekon says:

        Mystery series are always my favourites. When I considered Hyouka, I also noted the ‘unique’ aspects of the visual presentation. Example would be the excellent character designs. Now the only aspect I wish that’d be engaging would be the writing/direction

      • meganekon says:

        And speaking of Mystery series, have you considered Another? ^^;;;

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog today and I really like it. I’m quite new to anime, you see! I’d been reading Manga UK‘s blog for a while and have found that quite interesting, too!

    What series would you recommend a newbie to start with? :)

    • chikorita157 says:

      First off, I suggest checking out the upcoming season preview to see what shows might interest you. This chart will give you some idea. Also, you can read the reviews I have written for shows I have already reviewed.

      But yes, try creating an Anime Planet account and add the shows you have already seen. From there, there should be suggestions to other shows that fits your tastes.