Weekly Anime Rankings & Digest – December 5-11

Following the eventual week, I’m pleased to announce that my mother’s operation went fine and recovering. As for me, finals have finally come in full force since today marks the end of classes. Therefore, I won’t blog at least until Thursday when I expect to complete most of the finals. Once that gets finished, I will concentrate on completing the first level Japanese course textbook, Secret Santa Anime I haven’t touched and the 12 Days of Anime Blogging Project. (Image Source)

Ranked Episodes

1. The iDOLM@STER – Episode 23

Although I have talked about this episode in great lengths because it left a big impression on me, I admit that this was one of the strongest and emotional episodes since episode 20. Watching Haruka gradually becoming depressed from her friends unable to make practice, the live show getting canceled, and Miki’s remarks was only the beginning. The unexpected accident with the Producer completely devastated her. I just hope in the next episode that she manages to pull through and that Producer’s injuries aren’t too life threatening.

2. Fate/zero – Episode 11

Compared to the somewhat lackluster episode last time, this one was a vast improvement, mostly because of Iskander awesomeness. He brutally ripped apart Saber’s views of what makes a king verbally. Not only that, his Noble Phantasm looked remarkable.

3. Shinryaku?! Ika Musume Episode – 9

For a while now, Ika Musume has been becoming a bit stale lately. Thankfully they managed to turn this around. The first part was absolutely hilarious as Rina injected ridiculous amounts of soap opera melodrama into playing house with Eiko, Sanae, Kiyomi and Ika, causing a four-way yuri fest. Also, the Tea Cup ride never gets old… at least for Ika.

Unranked Episodes

Working’!! Second Season – Episode 8

Needless to say, this is the best episode I’ve seen thus far, mostly for this one scene. Essentially, Inami takes advantage of Souta’s issues with his younger sister by recording his remarks that she is cute on her cellphone. The end result… she plays it over continuously, giving us one of the most adorable Inami moments from the whole show.