Hidan no Aria – Episode 10 – Maid Training and Tamable Wolves

Riko is apparently an expert when it comes to maid outfits and acting like one!

Riko’s training cannot any crazier than this.  Also Jeanne and Reki make a brief appearance amidst the training for the infiltration of Vlad’s villa.

Since this is a JC Staff production, I expected that the maid café scene be just as generic as everything else they do. To my surprise, it was a somewhat enjoyable experience since Riko is wearing a rather naughty maid outfit. Besides the maid training, she reveals the plan of infiltrating the Vlad’s villa and revealing that her parents were lost while she was young. Jeanne reveals that Riko got kidnapped by Vlad and raised in captivity without the necessities. This kind of explained why was going after Aria for freedom.  As a result, I kind of feel sympathetic for Riko, even if she had evil intentions at first to free herself from the legacy. From this, the EU could be the one at fault here and might be the culprit behind the false accusation of Aria’s mom.

Jeanne's drawing skills is in a dire need for improvement!

Also in this episode, Jeanne and Reki make a surprise appearance. I have to admit that Jeanne still looks really pretty in the school uniform, especially when she has glasses on. Unfortunately, her appearance does not match up with her horrendous drawing skills. On the other hand, Reki shows her awesomeness when she goes after an incoming wolf while in her underwear and manages to tame it. For a girl like Reki, watching her tame the wolf instead of killing it was not expected since she hardly shows any emotions. Her smile when she is with her new pet wolf shows that she has a soft side for animals.

Besides the unintended peeping of girls in their underwear, it was an enjoyable setup for what lies ahead in the next episode. From the looks of the preview, it looks like Kinji is going to show some cool pool skills during their infiltration.  Also, seeing tsundere Aria in a maid outfit will be awesome! Sadly, the next episode is not going to air next week, but instead aired with episode 12. So, we will definitely have a good idea on how the ending is going to end up!

Reki smiling and taming a wolf... It can only happen once in a blue moon!


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  1. foshizzel says:

    Maids! Wooooo! Can’t wait for episode 11!

    This was a fun episode but I can’t help but think Riko is playing them for the fool, clearly she is setting them up somehow! Either way this is still a fun series even if the plot is crap hahaha I don’t care I will continue to watch.

    You should try out Softenni! You might like it.

    • chikorita157 says:

      From the backstory, she is a victim of her own ancestry, so I can’t really say that she is a bad person… and she doesn’t necessarily have to kill Aria to gain her freedom, since you know there are probably other ancestors of Holmes out there… It’s right there in the light novel.

  2. feal87 says:

    Jeanne d’arc is…HAU~ Omochikaeri! 😀

  3. Marcomax says:

    This seems interesting. I ended up dropping the series after episode 4 and picked it up again only to drop it after episode 7. Is the series worth picking up one last time?

    • chikorita157 says:

      It depends… If you are watching JC Staff shows for the first time, this is probably not the best choice as there are slightly better ones than this… But if you enjoy these kind of shows, I don’t see why not. Sadly, it left a lot from the light novel, which might be more interesting and perhaps funnier.